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Tired of searching for “notaries near me” only to realize that they’re all far away and too expensive?

That’s why Notary Do has grown in such popularity as we’re currently serving customers wherever, whenever. Notary Do is the fastest and most reliable mobile notary that removes the hassle of having to find a good notary—we come to you.

Notary Do operates 24/7 and can visit you in private or in public locations. Along with visiting you for your notary needs, we also provide the lowest notary fees in the market—making your notary experience the best and easiest it can possibly be. We operate with all the required insurance, so that you don’t have to chase after other notaries with outrageous fees.


Our service allows you to notarize:

  • icon2Power of Attorney
  • icon2Leases
  • icon2Contracts
  • icon2Deeds
  • icon2Agreements
  • icon2Assignments
  • icon2Easements
  • icon2Copyrights
  • icon2Settlements
  • icon2Letters
  • icon2Certificates
  • icon2Statements
  • icon2Affidavits
  • icon2Advance Health Care
  • icon2Directives
  • icon2Trusts

We notarize all types of documents. We adhere to our customers and their notarization needs. Being a mobile notary, we understand that patience is important for every one of our appointments. We’ll make sure you get your documents notarized quick, easy, and for a fair price.

If you’re a new customer, returning client, a customer with a special request and/or need to modify your existing appointments and dates, please give us a call for your appointment with Notary Do. You may also send us an email or register online if you’d like. Also, please visit Notary Do’s FAQs for more information about our services and common questions we’ve received from our valued customers.

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